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Welcome to Jazz Expressways Foundation, Inc.

Jazz Expressways is an organization that was started back in the 80’s by Leonard Yorke, whose purpose it was to keep jazz alive by promoting the music, sponsoring concerts and trips to jazz festivals, etc.. Primarily functioning out of The New Haven Lounge , it did just that for over 30 years.

Over the years, the number of members decreased and the group leadership changed. Some became ill, some moved away and most passed on. The group has been held together by 3 people , Avon Mitchell , Cynthia Easley, and Howard Easley. Last year, Rosa Pryor (writer for The Afro and The Baltimore Times) , her husband William Trusty, and Millie Battle ( President of the Left Bank Jazz Society) joined the members of Jazz Expressways to help keep up its legacy and help in its efforts to provide jazz to its many jazz lovers in Baltimore.

As it has for over 20 years, Jazz Expressways offers a Jazz Breakfast, every 3 months which features a live jazz group and a delicious breakfast from 10:00 am to 2 pm .Most of the local jazz groups have performed at Jazz Expressways’ breakfasts at one time or another. The breakfasts are currently being held at The Forest Park Senior Center , 4801 Liberty Heights Ave.